About JavaHat

JavaHat Solutions
began in 2002 as TMP Designs with a vision and a goal. What started out as an interest in web design has now become the foundation of an enthusiastic company. Our skills in web design are recognized by British Columbia Institute of Technology. Though our designers are certified, they are constantly gaining new skills and experience each day.

JavaHat Solutions is a web development company committed to designing high-quality web pages at a low cost. We design attractive web pages that are easy to navigate. Working with our customers helps us to produce a final product that is approved by both parties.

websiteimageOur passion for web design has recently led us to specialize in WordPress Themes and Plugin development. WordPress allows us to create more flexible designs that are easy to update and adapt to the changing needs of your business.

JavaHat Solutions is not limited to websites. We go beyond personal and business web designs to offer the following services:

How did I get here…

I began designing my first websites while attending Malaspina University College (now VIU) in 1999. I had a passion for teaching and technology. I wanted to learn how to create websites using html.  While taking full time studies toward my Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts degrees I also enrolled in an online Weaving the Web Program at BCIT from 2001-2004 which I excelled at.

In 2003 I graduated from Malaspina and began teaching and tutoring full time. I also began hand-coding websites in my spare time. In 2004, I got married and by 2005 my first son was born. I decided to take a break from teaching so I could stay home and raise our son. In 2007 our daughter was born, and in 2010 our youngest son was born. I continued to stay home with the kids and in the evenings I create websites and taught myself how to code in php, javascript, and css by taking online tutorials and working on projects that challenged my knowledge.

In 2015 I experienced health issues that restricted my day to day living. I had to change my focus in life. I spent two years working with several doctors trying to find a diagnosis so I could start the road to recovery. In 2017 my symptoms subsided and I was able to focus my energy on my family and my work. I enrolled in WordPress courses and decided to focus my business on WordPress Development.

And the passion is still strong…